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Animal Rescue And Care

We will try to give a secure place or get adopted as many strays as we can who are blind, paralyzed or old. Also those who can’t survive on road due to some permanent health issues.

It’s a common thinking of people that animals and birds don’t have emotions. It is not true.  They too have emotions, feel pain and hunger. We are an animal activist, save them from cruelty.  We have many like-minded friends who help in this cause.  Their are different whatsapp groups and facebook pages for welfare of animals. We feed around 170 dogs and cats and get them treated when they are not well, believe us it gives immense inner happiness and positive vibes. To control their population we sterilize, and vaccinate them for their healthy life. Everyone has the right to grow including animals and birds. Man is killing them brutally for food, Leathers and even for testing of products etc. It can be avoidable. Stop using products which are made after animal testing/skin.  We must not abuse any of the homeless animals or species such as reptiles etc. This happens in all countries to all species.  Wild animals are killed by hunters just for their momentary pleasure. We can help to end this all if we unite. Stop using animal products like leather fur etc., stop using them as food.  It has been proved that vegetarians are healthier and live longer. Dairies are also known to be cruel to animals. Stop using dairy products. There should be a strict law for safety of animals. If we are determined, we can move mountains. We should dedicate some part of our lives to help animals and to free them from their slavery. Even in our mythology good deeds with animals or birds has been praised. Our ancestors used to regularly feed animals like chapatti, green grass and other nutritious food. We can also try doing that because life is much easier now.    

Animals don’t know how to cure themselves when they are sick or how to get food when they are starved. Only we can help them. There are some alarming facts that we should know. Homeless animals outnumber homeless people. Everyday lots of animals meet with accidents and more than 50% of them die due to lack of help at the right time. 27 million dogs are killed every year because the shelters are full, there are not enough homes.  So we should shift more and more animals to secure places with food and care. Only one out of 10 dogs get a permanent home and rest live in misery so we need to take care of animals in & around our areas and support people who are helping animals.

It is sad that people run after breed dogs and our Indian dogs suffer. We should care for our Indian dogs & cats because they need us and depend on us.  We should arrange food, water & medicine for them.

According to vet every aggressive dog who bites is not a rabid dog, there can be different reasons for their aggressiveness like worms, liver problem etc. So a proper vet check up is always needed. Dogs are faithful and loving. They guard our areas and buildings. Even at borders, strays alert jawans by smelling enemy and barking. There are many cases where they have saved people from theft etc. We should keep spreading awareness about this since awareness plays an important role. Keep helping and rescuing animals. You may lose some of your time but you will certainly find your soul, your inner happiness and peace.

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