LET'S STAND TOGETHER AGAINST INJUSTICE - A Message from Savita Mahajan ONE MORE RAPE CASE *FIR filed against Kalina female dog rapist Toufeek Ahmed*. Thanks to *ACP Sudhir Kudalkar Sir…



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Jordan Jordan was abandoned. by the owner three years back due to paralysis caused by Clanbutarol poisoning.. by eating the owner's muscle tablets. He was rescued and shown to the…

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Mumbai Adoption Alert

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Mumbai Adoption Alert Alex and Murphy are two indie brothers up for adoption. Adoption and Neutering formalities Mandatory Our Location is Mira road so we prefer suburbs closer to us.…

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Tillu’s wounds are much healed.

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Tillu's wounds are much healed With all, your support and blessings Tillu's wounds are much healed. We took a dog for a blood transfusion but could not find his vein…

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Bhagya Bhagya... Yes, we named her because she was lucky that she was abandoned heavily pregnant in our area Khar West on 18 October. Some moron dropped her and disappeared.…

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Kitty Kitty, a stray cat is in Versova looking after by an animal lover. Her one eye was damaged and got maggots. She was howling in pain and rushed to…

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Moti Moti’s ear has been completely eaten by maggots. We noticed him in front of SNDT college on 30 august 2018 when we went to rescue Browny whose anal gland…

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Nandi On a rainy day, Nandi, an abandoned bull got separated from his herd and entered a society premises. He fell because of an overgrown nail due to which he…

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Rocky Rocky, a Doberman mix was found at a road near Badi masjid, Bandra. He had a chain collar around his neck. He had met with an accident, had damaged…

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Bliss We received a call from the airport from a girl regarding rescuing Bliss. A junior puppy was in very bad condition and was shivering. We guided her puppy’s rescue…

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Kaali Kaali and her brother met with a train accident. So we admitted both of them. We could not save her brother. Kali had damaged her hind legs very badly.…

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Kaalu Kaalu’s rescue was a group effort by us and some animal lovers. He had penile cancer it was a big tumor at his penis which was burst. He was…

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Chutki Chutki was born in Khar west, her mother died when she was a puppy. They were two sisters left behind when we noticed and started feeding them. Then Chutki…

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Milky & Brownie Milky was abandoned in a shelter by the owner due to old age. She was from six months there and suffering from Tick fever and skin infection.…

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