Animal Rescue And Care


Kaalu’s rescue was a group effort by us and some animal lovers. He had penile cancer it was a big tumor at his penis which was burst. He was running around in pain and people were shouting him away. His condition was very bad. We showed him to Vet Dr. Vikram Dave. His chances of survival were negligible but we were determined to treat Kaalu and save him. Dr. Dave gave him medicines, started treatment. The tumor that Kaalu had was quite big and it so happened that Kallu twice came back from the operation table because he could not withstand Anesthesia, His immunity was so low. Kaalu was also old, his age was 13 years+. Dr. Dave gave medicines, started immunotherapy treatment. Ultimately the operation was done and it was a big success. The tumor was removed and Kaalu recovered with time. Biopsy of the tumor was done and to our relief, it was found benign. Thanks to the efforts of TSPCA and especially Dr. Dave. Now Kaalu is under our care at Foster. He is out of danger but needs time to time Vet treatment and special medicated food. He is quite happy in loving care. He also needs a loving and caring home. If we can, we should try and save an animal’s life till his last breath.

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