Animal Rescue And Care


Rocky, a Doberman mix was found at a road near Badi masjid, Bandra. He had a chain collar around his neck. He had met with an accident, had damaged one hind leg, and was unable to walk. We picked him up and admitted him for treatment. All tests and X-ray was done. We showed him to a special doctor dealing with orthopedic treatments, who said that his leg was damaged and suggested amputation. His leg was amputated by a vet. He was given two months of post-operative care. We tried to find his owner, we circulated the information in various groups also but we did not get any response. Then we shifted him to a place at Bandra East with an open indoor space where already there were 10 dogs cared nicely. Because of Rocky, we are sending food for all those dogs twice a day. Rocky is very happy there and has recovered. But unfortunately no trace of the owner yet.

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