Animal Rescue And Care

Milky & Brownie

Milky was abandoned in a shelter by owner due to old age. She was from six months there and suffering from Tick fever and skin infection. Browny was abandoned by a rescue after her accident while she was a puppy. We noticed her when she developed severe bronchitis with hind limbs dysfunction which she already had when admitted at that place. Both were taken by us for private treatment. Vet visit of both was done. Both were critical and were given good diet and timely medicine, brownie needed nebulisation also with medicies and special diet. Regular care made them recover fast. Now they need further treatment like physiotherapy and milky was old having slight skin infection. No one came forward to adopt them. Geetaji from Friendiscose offered help and further care and physiotherapy. Both were sent there. Milky lived happily for two years with all love and care and died last year due to old age. Brownie is still happily living there

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