Animal Rescue And Care


Bhagya… Yes, we named her because she was lucky that she was abandoned heavily pregnant in our area Khar West on 18 October. Some moron dropped her and disappeared. I was returning home and found her standing confused and hungry. Luckily my dog food is made nearby and I quickly served her food and patted her. ” Baby you are welcome at our place”. I whispered near her ear and assured her that we will take care of her and her babies.

I told shopkeepers and people around to take care of her. Kalu also accepted her and he looked happy.

I was in Delhi on 28 October when she gave birth to eight puppies. My feeder and Deepak Ji informed me and I told them to take care as I was coming on next day. On arriving I dropped my baggage at home and rushed to see her and the puppies. There was a cloth under them but puppies were going in different directions. I arranged a big cardboard box and later a big cage for their safety… All area people were helpful. Mini Anand, Sumit, and many others also started caring.

My feeder started going four times to feed and care… Soon puppies grow into beautiful furballs. Shop Virgo Optics and all helped a lot. The paint shop will give Bisleri water when needed for her. Puppies were so cute that they were stolen thrice but we brought them back because it was a camera surveillance area.
Luckily all survived and there was a big list of adopters. We preferred nearby adopters. All were adopted nearby except one. And they come with their owners to meet and play with their mother. The one who is far also coming after every ten days.
I never wanted to separate them from my mother. But on roads, they were not safe. Now Bhagya is also happy and she knows her babies are safe and come to meet her.
This was a pleasing experience but I request all to take care of mother and babies and try to get them adopted nearby. I requested every adopter to bring puppies to play with their mother and they agreed. Their vaccination is started and all are healthy. Please never abandon any animal in a helpless condition. Some heartless people separate and relocate puppies from mother and that is the biggest sin. They can’t speak but they have emotions. Animals depend on us and they have every right to live on this earth like us. Please help, feed, and care for them….. ARC

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for those helpless ANIMALS who need it