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Tillu's wounds are much healed

With all, your support and blessings Tillu’s wounds are much healed. We took a dog for a blood transfusion but could not find his vein due to fats. So we decided to put him on a good diet, supplements, and injections to increase platelets and hemoglobin. He needs two surgeries as two broken bones are out and the tail is crushed so needs amputation. For anesthesia, a good blood count is needed. We will do CBC this week and proceed with surgeries. See recovery in the last added pic of Tillu. Please pray for him.
Urgently needed Doner, a 25+ healthy stray for Blood Transfusion of train accident baby Tillu.
We sent Tillu to the vet within two hours of the accident but it was huge blood loss and he was in shock. He needs a blood transfusion because blood tests still show hemoglobin 7 even after a good diet and daily dressing. His leg was broken badly with two bones out of the wound. He needs bug surgery and dressings daily after that till healing. It may take months to foster. please pray for his fast recovery.

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