Animal Rescue And Care


Moti’s ear has been completely eaten by maggots.We noticed him in front of sndt college ..on 30 august 2018 when we went to rescue Browny whose anal gland was burst. Browny was rescued and under treatment but moti ran away that day. We sent nanu on first september he was treated by vet sawali n left for next day visit. And from next day he was not caught.we sent ambulances four to five times but no use. Best part is that in between he was given sm medicine wen noticed. But his ear was completely eaten n today we were lucky to catch him by rajesh n he was shown to vet karkare. He needs constructive surgery of ear after maggots treatment . Total expence of tests foster n surgery are 30000. Kindly help as we already have many cases. You can direstly pay to vet Dave or foster Pradeep kadam but let us know before paying so that we can keep records of fund given. Please tell Eshan or me if any amount given for our records .

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for those helpless ANIMALS who need it