Animal Rescue And Care


We received a call from the airport from a girl regarding rescuing Bliss. A junior puppy was in very bad condition and was shivering. We guided her puppy’s rescue and advise a foster also. He was treated by a vet and Foster was arranged. When after 2 months, the condition did not improve, and the girl decided to send him to a shelter but we said he still needs care and regular treatment and won’t survive if his treatment is stopped. She said she won’t pay further and abandoned bliss at foster. That is when we got him and continued his treatment from Dr.Dave. He developed an overgrown infected tooth which we got removed through surgery. We found that he had skin problems, severe infection in his all teeth, only the front 4 teeth were OK. Immunity was extremely low. So we got all his infected teeth removed through surgery. He is now at a Foster, recovered. We also got him vaccinated. We have to feed him semi-solid food and we have to give him special care. We cannot leave him on the road. And he is our child now and need a caring and loving home.

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